Natural Male Enhancement Pills Carry Some Risk

Virility, stamina and endurance have long been hallmarks by which men have measured their sexual performance, so it is no wonder that today, more men than ever are using supplements and enhancements to help them and their partners enjoy a more satisfying sex life. Television ads run daily touting the benefits of a number of drugs that can help men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED). However, those same ads list numerous potential side effects that may cause some men to think twice about using them, especially if achieving and maintaining an erection is not a problem.

Over-the-counter male enhancement pills have become increasingly popular in recent years, as men seek ways to increase their sexual performance and satisfaction without the need for a prescription or the worry of potentially harmful side effects. These pills, sold under such names as Extenze, Enxyte and Zyrexin, are generally a combination of various herbs and plant derivatives that work together to increase the blood flow to the penis, allowing men to achieve a harder, longer-lasting erection. Most of these products claim to be all-natural and have no side effects.

There are, however, risks associated with taking these supplements which men should be aware of. The greatest risk is that these products are not regulated by the Federal Drug Adminstration (FDA). As such, they have not had to go through any kind of testing before coming to market, nor have the manufacturers had to offer proof of the claims they make. Many of the manufacturers have conducted trials of their own, but there has not necessarily been any scientific review of those findings.

Despite their claims of having no side effects, these products do contain ingredients that may cause some men problems. One of the more common issues is an increased heart rate, caused by the stimulants used to promote stamina and endurance. While this is not a cause for concern in men who are healthy, men who suffer from an irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure or other cardiac problems should be extremely careful in their use of any of these products.

Other side effects experienced by some men are headaches and nausea or vomiting. This is likely caused by the presence of yohimbe in the pills. Yohimbe, an alkoloid derived from the bark of a West African tree, is a powerful aphrodisiac that increases the blood flow throughout the body. It's effects are not long lasting, but some men do experience abdominal discomfort and headaches after taking a supplement containing the ingredient. Yohimbe is also believed to contribute to the cardiac distress noted above. It has been banned in many countries, and a ban is currently being considered in the United States.

While the prolonged erection that can result from the use of various prescription ED medications is not commonly associated with natural male enhancements, it has been reported as occuring. It is likely caused by the same chemical reactions within a man's body as those induced by the prescription medications.

Perhaps the greatest risk associated with these over-the-counter supplements is that there is no way to verify the make up of the pills. With no FDA regulation, manufacturers are free to create whatever mixture they wish without having to reveal the ingredients. While most companies in this country do release at least basic information about their formulations, there are many companies throughout the world that do not. Further complicating the issue is the number of knock-offs available. Products are made and sold worldwide that appear to the be the same as the known manufacturers' but with slight variations. There is no way to know if the fraudulent products contain the same ingredients or formulations as the originals .

In order to best protect himself, any man considering taking a male sexual enhancement supplement should visit his doctor and ensure that he is healthy before doing so. Purchase products only from reputable US manufacturers and take them according to the package directions. Stop taking the supplements and see your doctor if you suffer any side effects.

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